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Three reasons why you are the scattering of cup curtain wall

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Data inscrierii: 09/Noi/2018
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MesajTrimis: Vin Noi 09, 2018 8:43 am    Titlul subiectului: Three reasons why you are the scattering of cup curtain wall Raspunde cu citat (quote)

The coated insulating glass is definitely an insulating glass composed of one coated glass the other piece of other goblet. In order to defend the film from atmospheric erosion and add to the service life, the sprayed surface should face inward.

Coated insulating glass is usually used for glass drape walls of buildings. Being a architectural ornament, it brings a good looking, generous and bright image towards the building, enhancing the beauty from the building. However, in true use, we often find some buildings using coated insulating glass show graphic scattering. Make the beauty with the building disappear and even have a very negative impact. The author conducted a detailed study on this concern, and conducted a number of investigations and experiments to check relevant data at property and abroad, and compiled data for analysis.
The basic principle of scattering on the coated Laminated Glass online image is always that the glass cannot form an integral plane about the curtain wall or the local part is not your plane, but is bent, which causes the picture to scatter, even proper mirror shape. The reasons why you are this phenomenon are elaborate and multifaceted:

First, why they broke up for design and set up:

With the rise along with increase of high-rise houses, people's requirements for this aesthetic appearance of complexes have increased, and the exact use of glass panels is becoming larger and larger. The wind pressure load about the glass itself also grows. There are two different types of wind pressure loads around the glass: internal wind difficulty and external wind difficulty load. When the external wind pressure on the insulating glass is a lot more than the internal wind difficulty, the glass surface will be curved inward, and the surface in the glass is concavely curved; and when the central wind pressure is more than the external wind pressure, the surface of that glass is outwardly curved to get convex; only when inside and outside When the compressive loads are the same or close, the a glass can form a planes. Therefore, in the style and design and installation, the wind pressure load from the glass should be absolutely considered. This wind load isn't just the external wind pressure load within the glass itself, but also the mix off the wind pressure insert inside and outside the particular hollow glass.

The change of insert inside and outside this insulating glass varies using the change of the ambient temperature and also the installation area. The difference in demand between the regions is rather large, especially in this plains and plateaus. If your products produced in the plain area utilized in the plateau area, the inside of the particular insulating glass is positively pressed and the glass is drummed facing outward. On the contrary, it becomes a poor pressure and the cup is concave inward. For that reason, when designing the insulating glass that they are installed in different areas, the structure and specifications with the insulating glass product really should be designed according to the various regions and the highest wind pressure. The influence belonging to the change of the ambient temperature within the load change of the insulating glass is especially manifested by the change in the volume of the dry air sealed included in the hollow glass with the change of the temperature, thereby causing that internal load to alter, and the glass outside is bent inward as well as outward. After repeated experiments by HotTag, pertaining to 550mmx1100mm (5+9+5) mm rectangular coated insulating glass, the displacement of the center of the single-sided glass surface changes about 0. 03mm for every 1 C change with ambient temperature. It is so visible that the change in temperature features a considerable influence on the flatness from the insulating glass.

Insulating goblet has unique installation and construction conditions. During the construction with the glass curtain wall, individual construction within the assembly and construction specifications, if the glass is sealed, the thickness with the peripheral sealant is standard, and the metal frame plus itself has deflection as well as joint connection, so the fact that glass cannot be while in the same plane or but the whole In the exact plane, there is your local variation, which may cause image scattering.
Next, the reason for that processing of glass, generation methods

As we almost all know, most of this insulating glass produced throughout China is vertical laminated in addition to horizontally sealed. During the particular splicing process, the glass itself is just not affected by the force and will not deform. However, when the particular glue is sealed, the upper glass is bent by specific to it gravity, and the reduce glass is bent upward, and the air this presses the inner place overflows outward. Although it's only a trace volume, after the sealant, a slight negative pressure is generated included in the insulating glass. The a couple pieces of glass could bend inward. Especially when the two pieces of goblet are thin, the product specifications are definitely obvious. When the ambient temperature is lowered along with the external air pressure is increased, the curvature on the glass is also increased until each pieces of glass are generally bonded together, and the energy saving effect from the insulating glass is lost.

Third, the inevitable trigger

In order to ensure the airtightness of the window during installation, it truly is generally necessary to seal the glass as well as metal frame with the sealant. However, as the actual temperature changes, the coefficient of growth between the glass and also the frame is different. Tensile or compressive stress is generated about the glass. Although there is a sealant as a barrier, this stress cannot possibly be completely eliminated. If the particular ambient temperature changes, the stress is additionally increased. As a result belonging to the stress, the deformation with the edge of the glass is increased, and sometimes the glass is destroyed. This situation is usually found on monolithic tumbler.

In the actual creation process, the selection with the original glass piece is known for a great influence on the bending resistance in the glass. Generally, in tempered magnifying glaas, heat-strengthened glass and everyday glass, from the factor of wind pressure weight, tempered glass is the most important, and heat enhancement is second. These two glasses or contact lenses are better to withstand external stress than common glass. Therefore, we recommend to make use of tempered coating or heat-enhanced coated glass because original film when producing coated insulating glass; the product variety need to use inflatable glass regularly, and it is suitable to relieve the specification of magnifying glaas and reduce the glass deformation attributable to various reasons.
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